Total Supply

330,000,000,000,000 tokens.

BSC Contract Address


No tax,No pre-mint,No bugs, Open source.It’s that simple.

STIC Features

Simplicity - STIC is (will be) based on the ERC20 token standard with a minimum amount of code. There are no pre-minting, hidden doors, admin keys, or origin (OA) wallets. All STIC ecosystem participants mint their own coins using their own ethereum compatible wallets.

FREE - STIC cryptocurrency is Free as it does not require participants to deposit any funds to start minting their STIC crypto.

NO Pre-Mint - STIC starts with zero supply and will only be minted by the participating community.

NO Change - STIC is immutable, and can not be changed or stopped by anyone. With its open source code it is truly trustless through consensus and belongs to the people.

STIC is neither a proof of stake or proof of work token, however it is a Proof of Participation (PoP) crypto. Whoever participates in STIC creation has full rights of ownership through self custody.

STIC smart contract uses a fair system of new token distribution. All participants are subject to the same immutable rules secured by Blockchain.

Distribution Method

30% of the total amount of STIC enters the contract address of the mining pool, and the user starts mining after completing the BSC contract interaction.

30% of the total amount of STIC enters the IDO contract address. We will decide whether to open IDO according to the number of people participating in mining. If not, these STICs will be completely destroyed.

30% of the total amount of STIC is deposited in the designated address, and this part of tokens will be determined according to market needs and community voting. In the future, it may be entered into the mining contract, or completely destroyed.

10% of the total amount of STIC, held by the team, is used for listing exchange fees and adding liquidity pools.

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